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How to measure your window for curtains

Here are a few things to think about first:

Do you have a pole or tracking already?

Do you have a radiator under the window?

Is there room above and at either side of the window? Such as built in furniture and walls?

How to measure:

First is the length. Start your measurement from about 20cm (6 inches) above the top of the window, or from the top of the existing track or pole. Measure down to the length that you are wanting your finished curtains to be. This can be to the floor, above the radiator, or anywhere in between - your choice. 

Now we need to measure the width. Start your measurements from 20cm on both sides of the window. See the picture for a diagram. If you already have a track or pole, measure the total width of the track or pole.

How to measure your window for blinds

Here are a few things to thing about before you contact us to order:

Will your blinds go inside or outside the window recess? 

Which side of the window is best for the control chain?

Is there anything in the way, for example, window handles or tiles part way up the window recess?

We will also need to know the installation height - this is the floor to the top of where the blind is going to be. 

How to measure:

To measure the inside of the window recess you need to measure all the way from one side to the other (from the narrowest point) and top to bottom. This is called the actual recess size. We will adjust these measures so that the blind fits perfectly (this is to allow for movement, but leave that to us!)

To measure the outside of the window recess you need to measure from either side of the window recess but be sure to add an extra 10cm on both sides. This is so that the blind starts on the wall rather than the very beginning of the window recess. There is an diagram drawn to aid you.


Then measure the top of the window reveal, again, adding the extra 10cm above the top of the window. From there measure either to the windowsill or a bit below the windowsill, this is down to your personal preference as to where you would like your blind to end.

If you get stuck or need some advise please do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you in any way we can. Alternatively to you measuring you can book an appointment for us to come and do it for you. 


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